Monday, February 21, 2011

Globally Warm Winter

When I think of winter, this is what comes to mind. Well.. not at my horrid excuse for a dormitory. My school is cheaper than cheap has ever cheaped. If two jews were fighting over a penny on the ground, this building would take a glock to the skulls of said people of Jerusalem and beat them to death just to save two bullets then enjoy the penny and all of its useless bliss.

This picture here is what my ass currently looks like. I'm turning on my iPhone to check the outside temperature due to the wondrous world of technology we live in to see it is a blissful 68 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I have a heater in my room, it was wonderful when it was 20 degrees outside and the school would not turn on the heat. One of the great things about this heater is that it displays the temperature of the room when you turn it on. It's about 11 PM right now and it is 85 degrees in here.
I have asthma, it's not too bad but it is annoying. There's two things that start putting my lungs in revolt: running and heat. 85 degrees doesnt sound too bad normally, but when the room is as stuffy as mine is, it is unbearable. My room smells like the inside of a shoe because of this. How is this acceptable living conditions for people? I would take a cold shower but my shower has but only one setting called lukewarm. Some may ask. "Vandole, why not just go outside for a bit and cool off?" Well, thanks to my LOVELY school I would get a lovely ticket for "breaking curfew."

Is this College or is this Dachau?

I believe I'll end this post with a quote from one of the few true artists of my time.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello World

As a student going through college, I have often wondered what to write about when doing my papers for my classes. Like many, I really don't care about the subject material whatsoever then just randomly shit out an A+ paper the night before. Is this really procrastination? It seems a little more like skate or die.

All day I've been wondering what dictates change in musical taste. When I was in high school I went from goth kid to metal kid and then transitioned out of high school listening to a lot of prog rock(The Mars Volta, Coheed and Cambria, Tool.) After I saw Volta live I really became obsessed with them. This was two years ago. Now I'm into deadmau5(saw him live in october, was really amazing.) and Skrillex mainly. Call me a bandwagon bitch if you want, I'm pretty sure I'm at least one of the first people hitching a ride. If anyone reads this, how has your musical tastes changed throughout life so far? Is there any specific reason it changed?

Since this is the first post of my blog, and my first leap(off of the sears tower) into the world of blogging feel free to leave criticism and comments full of... commentary. I'll most likely be writing about whatever I feel like,  but if I feel I've found something worth dedicating my time to, I'll most likely do it.

10 print "Hello World!";
20 goto 10;